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This is an adventure site for use in Vaults of Vaarn. It is suitable for 1st level PCs. Sealed for ages, it is light on encounters, and could theoretically be plundered without resorting to violence. Unless the party already contains planeyfolk, fully exploring the site will require at least one party member to shed a dimension, which may happen accidentally or intentionally. The process can be reversed, but it is not without peril.

Please excuse the dumb meme name!


Bepis Vault was a hypergeometric research facility constructed in the late Autarchy. The focus of its research was the effect of repeated transfer between dimensionalities on living subjects. It has remained undisturbed beneath the azure dunes for centuries and has only recently been uncovered by the vagaries of the wind. Four former test subjects guard the entrance, the ghost of a former researcher mourns his mistakes, and a deadly fractalisk lies in wait in the armory.

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Just ran this vault for my open table session today. It was fun! Had a good share of "a-ha" moments and generally a great time. Thanks!

That's awesome! This is the first time I've shared something I've designed for my table so I'm very happy to hear it worked out.  You've made my day!